Air Abrasion

Jennifer Holt is an Orlando cosmetic dentist that cares about providing you with pain-free air abrasion dentistry.

Air abrasion dentistry is the practice of NOT using drills when it comes to fillings and other dental procedures. Say good-bye to the pain of having a drill grinding away in your mouth as we use compressed air, that's right, air, to clear decay. Air abrasion works like a small air pressure washer that can be use to pinpoint and remove any unwanted decay. The difference is incredible. Forget the jack hammer because this is like a car wash for your teeth!

With air abrasion dentistry, every situation must be evaluated independently. For example, air abrasion can't be used for deep fillings, veneers, crowns, onlays or inlays. Also, only composite resin fillings are used because they adhere to the smooth surface created by the abrasion. Safety is also a top concern. If you receive air abrasion, we use a rubber dam or a protective resin to keep other teeth from being affected by particles. Dr. Holt may also apply protective resin on your gums for added protection. Protective eyewear will be worn and your mouth will be suctioned to remove particles during the procedure.

Dr. Holt is trained and ready to provide you with pain-free air abrasion dentistry today.

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